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Ghia Volkswagen Parts by Glass-Action LLC. selection of VW Karmann Ghia Type 141 parts include Ghia Front Fenders and Nose,  KG Floor Pans, VW Ghia Euro Bumpers, Dash Cap, Ghia Classic Dash & Console, Ghia Unique Dash & Console, Volkswagen Ghia Speaker Panels, Hidden Stereo, Battery Tray, Steering Wheels for almost all years of Volkswagens, Ghia GPS Speedometer & VDO Gauges, Ghia Convertible Hinge Covers, along with Snake Eye and Bat Eye Turn Signals.  Don't forget the "No Worries" or VW "Peace" Emblems.


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Glass Action, LLC is not, in any way, licensed, sponsored, or affiliated with Empi Inc, Empi US (Empi), or Volkswagen (VW). The parts herein offered for sale are not genuine Empi or VW unless so specified. The term "Vintage Empi" or "Empi Style" refers to parts originally made in the 1960-70s, before the current Empi obtained the name and logo they use today. The use of recognized manufactures (i.e. Empi, VW, etc.) and their respective model names/numbers by Glass Action, LLC, is for the sole purpose of application and in no way denotes their use to infer or intend a direct connection between Glass Action, LLC or its products and those automobile manufactures or factories. All rights reserved.
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