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New Products Designed and Manufactured by Glass Action LLC

THE ALL NEW TENT TRAILER has been making a very cool Westfalia Style Luggage Trailer for several years, and we have sold them all over the Country. At every show, someone says, "if only I could sleep in it". Well, Challenge Accepted! We created a Fold Out Bed Platform to fit a Twin Mattress. Then a Custom Waterproof Tent with screens and zippers to keep you off the ground, cozy and dry! Everything assembles in minutes and is still light enough to be pulled by any VW or Motorcycle. If you just need the Trailer for a show or day trip, the Bed Platform easily comes out. Although this can be a kit for you to build, we have put together a Tent Trailer Package that includes the Standard White Luggage Trailer with the Fold Out Bed Platform and our Custom Tent with all hardware for only $2199 assembled.

Options include different colors and custom tires and wheels. See our other ad for the Luggage Trailers. Any question call 928-420-1296 or email.


We can ship ANYWHERE! We want to name this Tent Trailer, so any ideas? Winning name gets a prize!

Here are a few names you came up with:

  • Jerry in Ca. "Bed Bug"
  • Phil in Austrailia "ZZZ Cargo" & "Esscargo"
  • Wendy in Az "Cuddle Bug"

New Custom Luggage Trailers for your Vintage ride! These are built only by us here at Glass Action LLC. Each one of these are hand built and assembled here at our ship in Prescott Valley Arizona. We can cusomize the trailer to match the colors of your ride, and with all types of options making fit your needs makes it easier and enjoyable to take out on the open road

We are getting ready to meet everyone at Volkstock 2017 located at Pleasant Harbor which is the South side of Lake Pleasant, Peoria Arizona.

We dont see that many type 3 winners at car shows, but this one stood out at last year's 2016 Volkstock. We where there to watch it drive down the grass into the winner's circle and we noticed, hey, this has some parts from Glass Action LLC!


Glass Action, LLC is not, in any way, licensed, sponsored, or affiliated with Empi Inc, Empi US (Empi), or Volkswagen (VW). The parts herein offered for sale are not genuine Empi or VW unless so specified. The term "Vintage Empi" or "Empi Style" refers to parts originally made in the 1960-70s, before the current Empi obtained the name and logo they use today. The use of recognized manufactures (i.e. Empi, VW, etc.) and their respective model names/numbers by Glass Action, LLC, is for the sole purpose of application and in no way denotes their use to infer or intend a direct connection between Glass Action, LLC or its products and those automobile manufactures or factories. All rights reserved.
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