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1973 Squareback

The owner, Jasmine Donovan

Tears of joy came to her face and she was asked to get in-line, to join the other 24 winners of the show. She explained that 3 years have gone by where she wanted her VW Squareback to win, and each year she left empty handed. But not this time, she left with a prize, a trophy, one she has always wanted on her wall to show off to those that ever doubted her. parts ordered

Jasmine contacted Ralph, owner of Glass Action LLC aboout some parts she needed. At first she needed a new replacement glove box, not that the one was damaged or need to be replaced but she had some custom wiring that need to be installed for her music. This was going into the glove box and she need to drill in the back, but didnt want to do that on the OG glove box. So Ralph helped her out, and with the easy installation instructions that was completed in less than 20 minutes. Now she need some kick panels for her speakers she just purchased. Again had exactly what she needed which was as well easy to install. All rights reserved.
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